Inspired by Scotland

I am inspired by Scotland and creating sterling silver jewellery out of nothing more than a thought is what I do.  It is important to connect with what I love in order to feel inspired and create.  Being in the Scottish wilderness is my passion.  I see mountains and oceans and they inspire me.  My relationship with nature is about as close as I get to religion. Often i see something in nature sometimes it is something unexpected like the sharp leaves of the national plant of Scotland the Thistle.  I sketch what i see and in doing so it becomes part of my personal self expression.  In time it becomes a design.  The design is taken to my workshop where The Thistle collection becomes a dimensional reality.  It is made by hand with love and care and finally given a beautiful lustre and what started as a thought becomes a beautiful finished design.   Jewellery is my voice,  it is how I communicate within humanity.

Chris Lewis inspired by scotland
Scottish thistle
Contemporary silver necklace