Sterling Silver

We make all our jewellery exclusively in high quality 925 sterling silver, which is comprised of 92.5% pure silver, alloyed (mixed) with 7.5% other ‘base’ metals, usually copper and never nickel. Pure silver is relatively soft so the alloy with added base metals ensures sterling silver jewellery is robust enough to wear.
The 925 is stamped on our silver jewellery by the Birmingham Assay office and is an independent guarantee of quality. The mark is found on all our pieces of silver weighing over 7.78g as mandated by the Assay Office. (Lighter sterling silver pieces do not have this mark, but are made from the same high-quality sterling silver.)
Sterling Silver requires regular care as it will tarnish through prolonged exposure to the air and to chemicals such as perfumes, deodorants, and hairspray.  Please take the time to read our guide on how to care for your jewellery.  Sterling Silver can also react with some people’s skin, leaving temporary black marks. This normally settles down after a few days with light cleaning of the jewellery and the area of skin affected. Sterling Silver needs to be treated with care.