The Rock Pool Collection by designer Chris Lewis

At low tide on rocky shores in Scotland the sea leaves clear pools of water among exposed rocks and these pools are a haven for colourful sea creatures.  When I was young I would explore their depths and search for life.  I have always loved nature and I have a sense of innocent curiosity and wish for discovery.  I made the Rock Pool collection to capture special moments in my life and I celebrate these memories now in this collection.   Jewellery is how I communicate and how I connect with humanity and in many ways it’s my own personal story.  Each silver pool in the collection is finished immaculately and has a concave shape to imitate the shape of a pool of water.  This type of concave shape also captures light beautifully so that my design looks fantastic on wear.  I made the collection within the Chris Lewis Silver workshop and it is finished with beautiful sterling silver lustre.  View this collection in more detail on the Gallery page.

Scottish Designer Jewellery
Contemporary Silver Earrings Rock Pool