Backstage at a Chris Lewis Photo shoot

We decided to do a backstage micro documentary film of what goes on when we take a real woman and make her into a model for the day.  We wanted you to see behind the scenes what we get up to.  I think that there is an enormous amount of pressure on women to look a certain way, thanks in no small part to the way marketing and advertising has portrayed women over the years. As a result, many women have an unjustifiably low opinion of the way they look.
So we took a woman that has a normal job and isn’t a model. We wanted to show that beauty has many different faces.  Tania enjoyed the day and as you will see in the film she had fun with pro stylists preparing her clothes and hair, and make-up artists doing her face and nails. After hours of hair and make up she was ready and we took still photos of her as you can see on the website homepage and here in the blog.   We hope you enjoy watching the micro film as much as we enjoyed making it.  Tell us what you think.  How did she look?

Photo shoot jewellery
Chris Lewis photo shoot
Real Woman campaign