Behind the photograph

The reason why photography is so important is that it freezes memories.  It captures jewellery perfectly and captures a moment in time.  As a result, images are more important than ever, especially on social media and for presenting products online.  So what is a good product photography ?   I think it is a photograph that looks real and reflects exactly how the design looks with the minimum distraction to the viewer.   Jewellery photography is incredibly time consuming. When I set up a photograph it is important that the product is perfect.  The challenge with silver photography is to minimize reflection on the almost mirror like surface of the jewellery.  To do this we use various techniques such as light tents and lighting diffusers.  Andrea Vasquez has taken much of my product photography in the past.  I now take more images than before, especially for social media .  Tell us what do you think of our photography ?

Jewellery photography
Silver Jewellery Photography