Interview with designer Chris Lewis

My jewellery brand can be characterized by its simple, clear, defined and modern shapes.  The shapes of the jewellery are mostly inspired by organic outlines and nature forms, and the pieces have a unique way of shaping themselves along the human forms of the wearer. I have a love for textures and sensual polished forms.  This love for details and a strong focus on craftsmanship is what best describes my jewellery.

I am inspired by all kinds of things, nature, fabric, architecture, and ideas seem to grow inside me in a subconscious manner, even before I start designing my collection.  I am also inspired by the beauty of ordinary objects and things I encounter in my everyday life. I am especially impressed by objects growing in the Scottish natural environment.  I sketch what is see and then transform my drawings into organic shapes in sterling silver.  I  always look for diversity of shape, texture and fluid beauty in surfaces.  Besides nature, people are so important to me.  There is nothing more touching than to see a woman wearing my designs.

Chris Lewis photograph
Chris Lewis Interview with designer
chris lewis in the studio